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About Ulladulla NSW | Our Favourite Town!

In the City of Shoalhaven local government region in New South Wales lies the town of Ulladulla 2539. Situated on the Princess Highway approximately 230 kilometres south of Sydney, the town sits between Nowra to the north and Batemans Bay to the south. Because of close links with the neighbouring historic settlement of Milton, many services are shared between each town. 

The name of Ulladulla is an Aboriginal term that means "safe harbour". Another spelling for the word has been chronicled as Ngulla-dulla or Woolladoorh.

The Ulladulla region is a stretch of constant built-up residential expansion of around seven kilometres, from the south side of the town towards the town of Mollymook, to Narrawallee in the north, ending at the Narrawallee estuary. The population is approximately 12,200, taking in Burrill Lake. The greater Milton-Ulladulla town area had a total inhabitants totalling 14,149.

Ulladulla is encircled by the neighbouring towns of Burrill Lake, Milton, Narrawallee and Mollymook. The drawn-out region from Milton to Burrill Lake is referred to as the Milton-Ulladulla region.

Nearby landmarks contain The Castle and Pigeon House Mountain, both titled because of the exclusive silhouettes of the mountain. Captain James Cook first sighted Pigeon House during his journey along the east coast of Australia. Pigeon House has lately been renamed "Didhol" in respect of the elders of the Yuin nation and the Aboriginal elders, past and present, who originally came from the region Ulladulla was built on. The old-fashioned name of the peak, Didhol, apparently means a "woman's breast", because of the mountain's strong resemblance to the shape of a woman's breast.

In 1859, a wooden jetty was constructed so as to preserve the facilities of the Illawarra Steam Navigation Company. This company had told the farmers that they would not dock again at Ulladulla unless improved mooring facilities were established. It was not until seven years later when the jetty was replaced by a stone pier erected by the government on the natural reef. The company then assembled a store on the foreshores of the harbour for the unloading of goods for shipment to and from Sydney and up until the mid 1950s, there was a weekly cargo service to Ulladulla.

In 1873, a lighthouse was built on the harbour breakwater, and at the time it was known as the Ulladulla Lighthouse. In 1899, it was relocated to Warden Head, south of the harbour, where it is still continuing to be used.

A 1.220 metre gauge tramway was laid during the mid 1890s to the end of the main stone wharf. Horses and manpower were used to transport the low wagons. Later, a double line of track was laid to the end of the pier. Records of the Public Works Department reveal that repair of wagons and maintenance of the rail was still performed to at least 1947-48. By 1991, almost all trace of the line had vanished. 

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