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About Lilies | One Of Ulladulla Favourite Flowers

Beautiful lilies arrive with mutual names like Asiatic lily and Oriental lily. With their trumpet-like flowers, they can grow to a diameter of 15 centimetres while their stems can grow to 90 centimetres in length, holding four to eight buds with dark green light foliage.

The majority of lilies only live one to two weeks with their buds coming into bloom at numerous times. Lily colours comprise orange, pink, white, red and yellow. But be mindful if you own a cat, the lily is considered to be extremely toxic to your lovely pet!

Notwithstanding this outcome, Lily’s Florist Ulladulla can assure you the lily is fast becoming exceptionally popular as a floral gift. The lily comes in different colours, shapes, sizes and expresses a stunning beauty and fragrance.

If growing lilies, you need to select a well-drained position in your garden, which had a good half day of sunshine. The trumpet lily is the most shade sensitive of the lilies, although as long as the bulbs are deep enough to keep cool during high temperatures, most love the full sun.

The lily flower exemplifies refined purity, beauty, and founded on the type or colour, the lily can display diverse meanings:
  • White lily indicates virginity and modesty
  • Easter lily is a symbol of the Virgin Mary
  • Orange lily expresses passion
  • Lily of the valley designates purity of heart and sweetness
  • Yellow lily shows cheerfulness
  • Gymea lily is a truly iconic plant of the Australian bush and is native to the Sydney Basin.
Because of their beauty and colour, amongst the lily bouquets comes the Stargazer and Casablanca, being the most desirable of the floral bouquets.  

Although many variations of flowers have been called “lilies”, many of these alleged lilies essentially belong to other clusters of flowering plants. These include the water lily, arum lily and the day lily. The proper lily is made up of fleshy scales deprived of a shielding outer coating, and they are never inactive.

While the word lily is used in numerous diverse ways by those who are not conversant with the miscellaneous kinds of species, it is in fact accurate that some lilies have a minor likeness to each other, though not completely. No doubt, this is confusing, but once you know how the family of lilies differ, you will distinguish better as you sort out their classes.

Lilies that come under the species Lilium, are characterised with an ‘L’ or the word Lilium, in front of its scientific name. For example: L. Lilium longiflorum or longiflorum. By means of an alphabetical appearance prior to the name of the scientific flower is what aids scholars in setting them apart. For a lily that doesn't belong to the Lilium species, another alphabet is put in its place, example: H. hesperantha (genus) coccinea or coccinea (river lily).

The most prevalent lily flowers are the Stargazer lily, Cally lily, Tiger lily, Peace lily and the Easter lily. Oriental lilies come in gorgeous pure white with divinely fragrant Casablanca lilies complementing the rosy red, white petal edges of the Stargazer lilies. 

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